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Current Projects

Stage Enclosure

In preparation for the 2017 Middleton Fair it was agrees that the stage and adjacent dance square, used by performers and exhibition dancers, was to be upgraded. To that end John Reid oversaw the construction of the stages' enclosure and significant levelling works of the dance area was undertaken. The result was a fine structure which will protect performers from weather elements, improve their acoustic projection to the audience and minimize performer injuries (with a little ongoing maintenance) for many years to come.

Practice Cricket Pitch

The addition of a practice cricket pitch adjacent to the current tennis court is currently underway. To date (21/3/17) framework has been constructed and will be delivered to have its mesh welded on in the coming weeks. The actual pitch material has finally been sourced with the project manager John Reid awaiting confirmation of the adhesive requirements. It is expected that the project be completed for the beginning of the next cricket season.
The stars have finally aligned and the practice cricket pitch construction has begun. A day was spent marking out the pitch and cutting around the edge with an angle grinder that blew up on the final approach so the trusty spade and man power endured the rest. Another day was spent digging out 5cm of dense grass and moving it off site. A depth of 15cm is to be removed however, John hit rock which was identified by a passing neighbour as limestone! A more adaptable machine was hired and the rock is now able to be budged and levelling can begin.

Public Facilities

Kingborough Councils' Urban Designer Kristine Archer met with SCRRA officials at Middleton Beach and Gordon Reserve on March 15. Several members had voiced their concern that the playground and surrounding area is looking tired and could do with some TLC. Kristine is a great advocate for the South Channel and very apt at resolving issues. She left the meeting very positive, with a range of ideas to improve facilities and facilitate better use of the camping area from members, for further discussion at council.

Concern Over Road Condition

March 2017
Over recent months residents have raised the issue of the road, particularly between the Middleton GPO and Gordon Point. SCRRA has addressed the issue on behalf of the community by writing to State Growth. Their response stated:
It has been identified that the section will require extensive works over the next couple of years. This area of the Channel Highway is under review to be resurfaced and is currently a candidate for the 2018/19 resurfacing season. Please note that this can change to an earlier or later timeframe.
Prior to resurfacing, there will be preparation works to the pavement to ensure that it is in an appropriate condition to be resurfaced.